Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Girls

Brittney's Baptism at Camp Elim ~
 Proud Day for this Foster Mama

I cherish the phone calls from my girls. They call when they need a mommy to be proud of them. I'm getting my driver's license! I'm going to college! I got a job! I love love love that I am the one they want to call. And I hate hate hate that I am the only one they have to call. It's hard enough to spend years and sometimes a lifetime in and out of fostercare and in and out of stranger's homes. So many expectations and so many changes and so much inconsistancy. And then to be expected to get out there and be successful on your own without a family and a mommy to lean on. I am 37 and talk to my Mommy almost every day. Some of these girls have no real friends and no real family and they are just out there. As a foster mom there is no requirement that you have to maintain contact with anyone after they leave your home. And a lot of times that is the case. I try and be there for the girls and I LOVE to stay in contact with all of them. One of our girls is in college in California. One of our girls has her CNA and is working and going to school to be a dental hygenist. One of our girls is getting her driver's license and enrolling in college. One has kept a great career job for over a year. There are success stories. There are more stories that aren't successes. Our motto as foster parents is: love them unconditionaly and give them everything I can while I have them and hope and pray that something I did or didn't do or said or didn't say has a positive lasting effect on them. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to love these girls and let them go. Thank you for the contact I get to have with some of them. And thank you Lord for each of them.

(I took this last night ~ after this post was published) Anna and Julia call each other sisters. Julia came by and Anna was here. Fun for them to catch up.

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