Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Multitude Monday

440. watching a movie by myself
441. lunch with a friend
442. my deck
443. using a hammer
444. working with my family to build something we are all going to LOVE

445. rain
446. celebrating Kenny
447. teaching Kenny to ride his bike
448. spoiling my big girl
449. decisions made
450. going on a bear hunt with my kids (and neighbor kids)
451. date night with my hubby
452. healthy children
453. layin in bed with Ellie Bellie talking about all the important stuff and sometimes none of the important stuff
454. amazing friends
455. listening to the laughter of children jumping on the trampoline with a hundred ice cubes
456. lettuce from my garden
457. my husband's arms wrapped around me at the end of a long day
458. that right now my beautiful friend is okay, hurting but okay. Love you friend. Thank you Lord.
459. fresh cut flowers from my husband just cause he loves me

Check back next week for another installment of Multitude Monday...God IS Good...And gratitude precedes the miracle...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

Kenny turns 1 ~ July 22, 2007

Today Kenny turns 5!!!
Happy Birthday Buddy!
My life would be completely boring without you in it.
I cannot imagine.
You bless us in so many ways.

...on a sidenote
My baby is school age. 
...sad and excited at the same time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Multitude Monday

425. job offers
426. decisions made
427. options
428. lightning shows
429. eating fresh lettuce from our garden
430. a handy hard-working husband
431. a fixed trampoline
432. rain
433. green grass
434. a day at home
435. time with friends from Tennessee - new and old
436. cousins
437. a game of baseball with 15 little kids and 3 adults
438. watching my husband with our baby nephew

439. hope for healing for a hurting girl
Check back next week for another intallment of Multitude Monday. God IS Good...And gratitude precedes the miracle...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Multitude Monday

411. laughter coming from the 5 playing "Old Maid" at my Gram's game table
412. rainy afternoons
413. snuggles and messy kisses from my little niece
414. time with my Kansas bestie
415. parades
416. reading alone
417. having my niece here this week for "Cousin Camp"
418. not cooking dinner
419. making memories
420. playing "Sorry" as a family
421. hiking with my cousin (and her husband) who I never really knew and my sister-in-law

422. opportunities for decisions
423. VBS at our amazing church
424. my husband

Check back next week for another installment of Multitude Monday. God IS good...And gratitude precedes the miracle...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashback Friday

July 2003
Cheyenne Frontier Days
I was 6 months pregnant with Ellie
We slept in a tent and it was so hot and crowded but we had a blast!

Friday, July 1, 2011