Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday

Isaac (7 months) and Kenny (6 months) ~ January 2007
Kenny is thinking, "Seriously? Just my luck! This guy?" This picture was taken a few days after Isaac and Kenny met. Kenny and his bio mom came to live with us when Kenny was 6 months old. It was my job as the foster mom to teach her to parent. To work on parenting skills as well as actual bonding and attaching skills. What are bonding and attaching 'skills'? Doesn't really seem like those should be labeled skills. They just naturally happen right? No. They don't. Kenny's bio mom was 13 years old when she had him. There was no natural bonding happening. Nor was this child being cared for in any consistant way. I tried. I really did. I failed. Poor Kenny spent the next 7 months being bounced from her to me and continued to be cared for somewhat inconsistantly and not bonding with either of us. She fought hard to be moved to a foster home closer to her biological mother. So they moved in August. Six weeks later the caseworker called and asked if we would consider adopting Kenny. We immediately said "YES" of course. I'm not even certain I asked Josh! We got Kenny back mid September. We cannot imagine our life without him. He brings so much humor and energy and life into our lives. He and Isaac do not really know they are not twins. Just like any other mom of twins it's a challenge to figure out how to do life and make decisions based on what is really best for each one individually and to seem fair about it so they don't think you like one more than the other and it goes on and on. Our life is blessed with that kid. And he makes me laugh and want to cry almost every day! I love you Kenny.


  1. Kenny is lucky to have such good parents!

  2. Brit -- We are more lucky to have him. He brings us so much joy! I hope you are doing great!! Tons of love! --AM