Monday, January 24, 2011

My Newest Epiphany

I read several other blogs. I was reading a blog from family friends yesterday. They post every day or so about random things happening in their family. Sometimes there are pictures and sometimes there aren't. I really enjoy it. I asked myself ~ Why don't I do that? Why do I think that I have to have some amazing great epiphany in order to post something? Sometimes I have a lot to say and sometimes I just don't. I had an opportunity to speak to about 40 women at Bible Study this week about being a missionary in your own home. The realities of being a foster/adoptive parent. I realized that people just love to hear stories. Stories of what life is like as a foster and/or adoptive parent. People are curious and just want to know. So I guess it's okay to just tell stories. They do not have to be epic. Just stories. Here is my story for this very moment: Isaac has now run over 2 miles in my living room playing with the Wii Fit. Isaac goes to preschool in the afternoon. We typically do a little reading together and work on letter sounds and writing letters in the mornings along with a little laundry and down time. While I write this Isaac is running and running and running. It's pretty cute. Huh, maybe nobody cares that Isaac just ran his little bitty booty to the ground but that is my story and it's my blog. Oh - It just occured to me I should take a picture. Everyone loves posts with pictures. I hope you enjoy my new posts.

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  1. He ran his little bitty booty?? That is so doggone cute. And no, you don't have to be particularly poignant in each and every blog. If that were the rule, then the powers that be would have deleted my blog after the first few days.