Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

We started out Father's Day with giving Daddy his favor coupons. Each of the kids had made a card and included one or more things they would like to help Daddy with or do for him - favors. And we had a pair of "Perry the Platypus" boxer shorts for him too, which he really liked.

Church was great. The music was amazing, including a solo from Greg Cooper, Noah on the shaker, and a slideshow that made everyone cry. Miranda Netherton gave a killer performance like I've never seen before. And my brother-in-law Jason Friesema and Noah talked about their last month of stress and blessings with Noah's tumor experience.

We ate PB&J in the car on the way to take "big K" to her first week long church camp. I think I was more nervous than she was. Praying so hard this week for her to have an amazing camp experience and make great friends and learn how much God adores her.

We then headed down to rock climb at Red Rocks Canyon. Josh climbed once and then Ellie made it to the top four times and Isaac twice. So fun to hang out as a little family and rock climb.

The boys wore their too-small "Son of Super Dad" shirts and Ellie wore her "I love Daddy" shirt.
I love this picture of Kenny and his Daddy hiking to the rock climbing spot.

On belay? Belay on...

This was the first time Isaac made it past 1/2 way. He made it to the top twice. Go buddy!
Ellie made it up four times. She was a little climbing fool. She made her Daddy so proud.

And poor Kenny, our little climbing freak, didn't get to climb. Daddy is all about safety first and he couldn't follow the rules and stay safe. Made us sad that he didn't get to climb. Next time bud.

I honestly cannot imagine a better Daddy for my kids. He loves them and is so good with them. Thanks babe for all you do for these three and the other 25 and counting...

Love you Josh Friesema!

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