Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank you my husband...

  • putting extra insulation around the house
  • putting the boys to bed most every night
  • reading Little House books to Ellie
  • humoring the children daily
  • cutting, splitting, and stacking wood so our home can be warm
  • going to work most every day doing something that you only moderately love so we can have an abundant life
  • teaching me...about things that I refuse to read in a newspaper
  • being patient with me daily in the little things and the big
  • fixing my car
  • fixing my bike
  • the blessing of grace
  • being an amazing example of unconditional love to me and to many others
  • taking me on dates to do things that I want to do more than you want to
  • leading our family in devotions nightly
  • expecting our boys to be respectful and kind and desiring them to be like you...and like Jesus
  • appreciating me
  • kissing me right before you walk out the door and right after you walk in
  • always saying yes when I ask you for a time out for me
  • desiring to be the husband and daddy God created you to be
  • having a heart for others
  • turning my electric blanket on before I go to bed
  • encouraging me
  • making me laugh
  • loving me...just the way I am be continued...

My sweet hubby and I
 You are a gift to me daily. I thank God every day for you. And...I STILL like you!


  1. What a beautiful story about the man you love and adore.....

  2. Okay, that's just awesome. Is this like an early valentine's day post or WHAT??? Really precious. Inspires me to love Kevin better, to appreciate all those little things he does for me.
    (did you ever check out this one? kinda similar to yours above... )

  3. Teri -- Your post that I read awhile back put the initial thought into my head. I of course think these things daily but wanted something written down and public. I do not thank or appreciate my husband enough. I don't know what I would do without him. Gratitude comes before the miracle...Ann Voskamp.