Monday, February 21, 2011

Multitude Monday

163. This book that is changing my life...
One Thousand Gifts - Ann Voskamp
164. spiritual growth...
165. a new group of amazing Bible Study gals
166. the realization that I am not fully human and that I can no longer use the excuse that I the Lord lives in me..
167. successful transitioning for a cute 13 year old girl into our family
168. 58 degrees
169. Girl Scout cookies...mmmmmmmm
170. steady income
171. the right amount of income, never "enough", to teach me to be content in everything
172. 1:1 time with Kenny
173. 1:1 time with Isaac
174. the desires of my heart
Check back next week for another installment of Multitude Monday. God IS Good. Gratitude precedes the miracle...


  1. Love the new picture, friend!
    And this:
    Gratitude precedes the miracle...
    Did you come up with that?

    Cause, wow.

    Don't feel grateful much.
    Obediently writing my list, but mostly feel overwhelmed. Over. Whelmed.
    And not seeing miracles, either. Just more needs, more inadequacies.

    So I need to focus on what you left me with: Gratitude precedes the miracle.

    O God, make me grateful, that I might know Your grace.

  2. Teri -
    "Gratitude precedes the miracle..." is from Ann's book. I guess I should credit her, huh? I love that and think it's true. I think that the gratitude allows us to see the miracle. Sometimes when it's there we are too caught up or overwhelmed to see the miracle when it's right in front of us but if we can stop and be thankful in the moment THEN we can see the miracles that are in our lives every day. I love you friend.