Friday, November 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

Lilly and Ellie 7 years ago this week
Lilly Belle and Ellie Belle, as I call them now, were fast friends a month after Ellie was born. They are still dear friends. Lilly is 6 weeks older than Ellie. Lilly's mommy lived with us a bit when Lilly was born. Anna was 16 and in fostercare. She had overcome more adversity and trials than a girl should have to face in a lifetime. Anna is 23 now and still in our life and has now overcome more adversity and more trials and is working on getting on her feet as a single mommy of two. We love that we get to be a part of their life. We are Mom and Dad. It is a new challenge to be parenting grown children, to befriend them and to guide them and love them well. We are very proud of Anna. She is a great Mommy. I love that Lilly Belle and Ellie Belle are still great friends 7 years later.

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  1. Sweet little Belles...they are so cute together now...and we are Grandma and Grandpa. Lilly and Dewey are special blessings for us--beautiful, loving children raised by beautiful, loving Anna. Thank you Anne-Marie for bringing Anna into our life 7 years ago.