Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am loved

I feel so blessed. I am blessed.
I feel so grateful. I am grateful.
I feel so loved. I am loved.

I wanted to share a slideshow that my husband made for me about a year ago. This is on our family website that he does. This is what he says:
I heard a Matthew West song while doing some data processing at work yesterday. The song made me think of the past 11 years with Anne-Marie. Since pulling the data involves a lot of downtime I used the opportunity to make a picture slideshow with it. Since I found too many great pictures I had to add another song that reminds me of her. Anyway, check out the video:

Daily, I am amazed at how my husband loves me. He has an entire playlist of songs on his Zune that make him think of me. I borrowed it the weekend that I went to Wichita to see my Grandma. I found that playlist. I had not heard them before in reference to me. It was a huge blessing to me. Today I think - wow - if that is how much my human bridegroom loves me, how much must my heavenly bridegroom love me? I cannot fathom. True, unconditional, amazing, perfect, love. Delight.

Thank you God for an amazing, loving husband and sweet, fun children and a great life! And thank you for loving me completely and perfectly for who I am, just as I am.

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