Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flashback Friday

My Gram

 Gram and I were always taking pictures like this - me holding the camera out in front of us. It was usually because it was just us. But this time I did it for fun cause we always used to do that. It's a dreadful picture of me but I have it beside my bed and I kiss it every night and pray for her.

My prayer tonight sounded different. It wasn't my usual, "Dear Jesus come quick. Wrap your arms around her and carry her home today. She is ready to meet you Lord Jesus. She is ready. Let go Gram. Go to Him. I know you are ready." No...tonight it sounded like this, "I miss you so much. I miss you. I miss you." My Gram went to see Jesus today. She had longed to meet Him for so long. I am so thankful that she has a new body and can see and can dance and can laugh and can be happy. But...I miss her. She was so special to me. A relationship like I've never had, like I never will again. We loved to hang out. I have so many memories of her, with her. I am so grateful that Ellie does too. Starting when she was 4 months old.

When Gram was 89 years old I asked her if she could do anything or go anywhere for her 90th birthday what would it be...She said she wanted to go back to Colorado one more time. So we did...

 Ellie and I made 3 trips to Florida to see Gigi. Amazing memories were made. That lady knew how to have fun!

 One summer we even vacationed to her house in Wichita and went to the zoo and swam in our wading pool on her patio.
A few years ago was our last Florida trip to her condo. I've had fun there since I was very young.
I miss you Gram. I miss your smile the most. I miss going to the zoo with you. I miss going to the beach with you. I miss boat rides. I miss talking. I miss watching chick flicks. I miss wearing your clothes. I miss your poached eggs and fried chicken. I miss your pink geraniums...and that silly orange coat...and your roses...and your pink frosting...and going to the candy store...and to the club...and shrimp cocktail...and the theater...and Sunday afternoons...and talking...and your smile...and your stories...and spades...and orange juice...and oyster stew (not really)...and talking...I miss you. I will see you again... 


  1. AMEN sister! Love you and we will see each other soon to celebrate her beautiful life. When Mike and I were at her house yesterday we found two photo albums of pictures from when Ellie visited her in Florida. The trip from 4 months and then the 2 year old trip. Great pictures and memories. KISSES and HUGS!

  2. Anne-Marie that was so special -- it IS wonderful to know you will be together again. love you, Mama Jean