Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fill Me Up

I am undone.

(I need to journal so my blog is my paper. I missed you blog.)

I do not trust You.
I do not believe You are enough for me. To fill me. To fill me up.
So I fill me up...with food, and soda, and  money, and this computer.
It doesn't last. I crave and crave and crave for more. I know I crave You but my sinful nature continues to fill me up with food, and soda, and money, and this computer.
I do not trust You...You who have created me in my Mother's womb. You who sent your child to die a horrible death, for me. How is that...that I dare to doubt You...that I dare to not trust You who created me. That is my sin. I do not trust You to fill me up.
Here I am undone before You...longing to know how to let YOU fill me up.
Fill me up Lord. I am your empty vessel. I am broken. Fill me up.

The ONLY thing that's good in me IS Jesus...
Thank you Lord.

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