Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Multitude Monday

502. that when my boys see a cross they call it a "reminder"
503. feeding chipmunks

504. listening to all 4 of my children play hide and seek
505. reading in the living room of our DVR cabin next to my hubby and baby girl
506. visiting with Sue
507. meeting old friends and their kids
508. visiting memory spots of our courtship
509. that I have time to do MM this week
510. come-to-Jesus moments that were over due
511. opportunities to serve
512. fall in the mountains
513. new job that I am really enjoying
514. a sweet, kind, thoughtful, wonderful new nanny
515. a visit from my Aunt and Uncle from St. Louis
516. going to a movie alone
517. date night
518. new bookshelves for my classroom that my Daddy built
519. progress as a mama
520. progress as a teacher
521. 50 sign-ups for the fall women's retreat at Deer Valley Ranch
522. worship
523. Cross Country - for the boys
524. leading a new group of women through a Bible Study book that has transformed me
525. cool weather
526. a paycheck
527. an amazing behavior coach to co-teach with me every day
528. a great new start for my kids at a new school

Check back next week (hopefully) for another installment of Multitude Monday. God IS Good...And gratitude precedes the miracle...

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