Monday, May 9, 2011

Multitude Monday

287. watching my babies play in the ocean
288. running in 86 degrees instead of 36 degreees
289. watching out for alligators instead of black bears
290. oxygen
291. palm trees
292. the sound of weedeaters and lawn mowers
293. watching the dolphin swim with Kenny's flip flop
294. ocean breeze
295. playing in the rain with my kids
296. my head full of Gram memories every few seconds for a week
297. fresh shrimp
298. key lime pie
299. freshly squeezed orange juice
300. "Gopher Tortoise" crossing sign
301. beach sunset with my family
302. opportunities to study starfish, crab, jellyfish, sand dollars, sea urchins, coral, sting ray, and dolphins with my kids
303. crying on the beach
304. remembering Gram
305. dolphins in the swim area
306. watching the boys retell the 3 bears in sand drawings on the beach
307. vacumming with my Gram's VERY old vacuum cleaner
308. decisions made
309. deep roots
310. family
311. support system
312. church done well
313. big strong grown men in tears, broken
314. small boy hurting handing his daddy kleenex
315. miracles witnessed
316. knowing Grandpa is whole, not hurting, with no tumors, in God's arms right now
317. time for Josh with cousins seldom seen
318. far away support systems
319. more miracles witnessed
320. listening to a sweet little voice talking to her Mama whom she misses
It's a long list of blessings. There are so many more flooding my mind. That is it for now. Check back next week for another installment of Multitude Monday. God IS SOOO Good...And gratitude precedes the miracle...

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