Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Apparently I need some accountablity - big time. It's a bit of a risk. This post. But here goes...I did it. Today was my first real work-out in a year. It was very minimal to most people's standards for sure. But to be quite honest - it kicked my butt. According to the BMI on my Wii Fit I am currently 60 pounds overweight. It's April 5th. My goal is to run the 5k "race" with my husband on July 4th in Sterling. Key word being RUN. I've walked it many times. Once I even jogged a little bit but never have I run that far without stopping. I honestly cannot even wrap my brain around actually doing that. I printed off a 6 week training program from Weight Watchers. Supposedly in 6 weeks I should be able to run a 5k. I'm giving myself a little more time but I will do everything I can to stick to the program. Running is the hardest physical activity I've ever done. I'm guessing it would be easier on my joints and my body if I was not 60 pounds overweight but let's hope the eating right and running helps that too! My real goal is to hike a 14er or two with my husband this summer (and not be miserable doing it). I love to spend time with him and I cannot think of anything better than spending time with him doing what he loves.

Josh and I on top of Mt. Princeton
a week after we met
June 1998
So far my work-out buddy has been very helpful and encouraging. He stuck with me today.

So I guess the point is - ask me in 6 weeks how the training for the 5k is going. I considered "before and after" pictures but I'll spare you. I'm so tempted to just delete this whole thing cause the accountability freaks me out. What if I just get really fatter???

Anyone ever start a rigorous work-out program 60 pounds overweight? Or something similar? Any advice?


  1. I love you and LOVE that you are trying! I HATE running! Steve is a runner...not ME! I will walk for miles, with a jog here and there, but overall running is not my thing! Having said that, I do run. It is good for me and that is what self-discipline is for! I need to get back in the habit as well. Good luck and I will ask you every once in awhile how it is going...in the mean time, low fat, high protein, and keep up the good work! (((HUGS)))
    PS. We as a family are going to try to hike MT. Elbert this summer while we are there...wanna join us! :P

  2. Thanks Sara! And yes I would love to do Mt. Elbert with you -- and maybe Ellie too. That was the first 14er I ever climbed - back in 1989!! Thanks for the encouragement friend.

  3. I'm soooo proud of you!!! I know that you can do it and what a great incentive to run and hike with your husband! Chad and I have started running together as well....I use "run" loosely for me because it's really more of a walk with a hop and he is about 100 yards ahead of me. Keep it up and maybe we can motivate each other to stick with it!!!! Love you friend.

  4. Thanks Beth. Love that you and Chad are running. Run the 5k with us on the 4th??? Now there is some accountability! Come on! Miss both of you tons. Think about coming out and staying at my parents cabin this summer! Thanks for the encouragement friend.

  5. And while you are doing the low fat, high protein.....consider lower carbs...and only "good carbs".....considering your mom, your sis, that is what I would prescribe! Love ya! I have recently lost about 50 pounds, diabetes much better....can't wait to see you skinnier on the 4th at Sterling!!!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Debbie. See ya in 3 months!