Sunday, October 24, 2010


Our family has been craving good quality family time. The day after Gabriel and Arianna left was a Saturday. Josh worked 7 hours that day. He worked 90 hours the next week. He has continued to work many long not-so-fun hours and Saturdays. We are still craving good quality family time. We had our moments when G and A lived with us but we were desperate for opportunities to focus in. On us. God called Josh and I to sacrifice for orphans and children who do not have families that can take care of them. He called us to make sacrifices as a family for others who do not have what we do. We get that. We are obeying. Our kids get that, believe it or not. We are currently on sabbatical so that we can focus in on our marriage and our children so that we can heal and rebuild in order to serve Him better. God has put an ache in my heart for children who have crappy lives and crappy parents. The problem with my life of late was that there was an ache in my heart for my kids who had crappy lives and crappy parents. So...we are on sabbatical. What does that mean? It means I am truely relaxed. Josh and I have perspective. I can enjoy reading and leading a Bible study. I can focus on what is important instead of living in survival mode. It means we can spontaneously jump in the car and take the kids to the dollar movie theater on a Sunday night and watch Toy Story 3. Thank you Lord for ordering your people to rest.

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  1. Good stuff sister! God does want you to rest and it is a much deserved rest. LOVE YOU and your family. Enjoy this family time and rediscovering YOU!