Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm Back

It has been almost three years since I've posted on this blog. I miss it. I think of it often. I have a lot to say. I have thoughts that the world needs to hear. So, I'm back. I've tweaked the background and a few things. Still can't get that title where I want it but thought I'd go ahead and post something today. I'll share thoughts and pictures and things that make me think and things I think you should think. I'll try and post regularly. People are interested in our life. Why we live counter-cultural and what it looks like. What motivates us to do so and how it works. I have recently heard God calling me to not only "look after orphans" but to advocate for them and to be a voice for them. This is my medium. I look forward to sharing me here.

Question for you today:
What if God actually has things He wants us to do today?


  1. If God actually has things He wants me to do today, then I need to PAY ATTENTION! Seriously. That's one of the greatest motivations for me to FREQUENTLY seek God in His word. I'm always amazed at what I read, and how it applies to the precise moment, and how it gives me courage to get up off my backside.

    And, welcome back! Funny... I was JUST thinking of your blog TODAY. No joke.

    1. That is exactly it - the pay attention part. Every. Day.

  2. I'm so happy you're baaaaaack!! Your words here have always inspired me...and in a beautifully timed God coincidence, we are stepping back into foster-to-adopt certification. Scary, exciting, glorious. Love you to pieces.

  3. Oh my word! Teri Miller! I'm just reading this. Really? We need to talk. Would love to see where you are at in the process. And TALK. I'm just going to call you.